Does anyone know how does MondgoDB works on Android.
Does it work locally and you the data gets replicated later?
Does work only online with just a web backend?

Solution 1

MongoDB has downloads for several operating systems. However, Android is not one of those systems.

People use MongoDB as a "web service" for storing data, but it does not have any features to support multi-master replication or your occasionally connected mobile scenario.

If you need these types of features, you'll want to check out CouchDB which specifically targets this scenario with Android Couchbase.

Solution 2

I'm going to revive this thread and say that MongoDB's Java driver IS currently compatible with Android. Some novice developers might have trouble getting their apps to use MongoDB's java library, so I'll just outline what you have to do (though all of this could be obsolete by the time you're reading this).

Go to your app build.gradle file. Add this "compile" entry under your dependencies (you will probably have to replace the version):

dependencies {
  implementation 'org.mongodb:mongo-java-driver:3.0.3'

As you can see, the driver's version as of this post is 3.0.3. You can find the current version by searching "mongo-java-driver" or any related terms at

If you're connecting to an external database, you will of course need to add the INTERNET permission to your manifest. Connecting to one is pretty simple. Here's an example. Replace the username, password, host domain, port, and database name:

MongoClientURI uri = new MongoClientURI( "mongodb://username:[email protected]:12345/db-name" );
MongoClient mongoClient = new MongoClient(uri);
MongoDatabase db = mongoClient.getDatabase(uri.getDatabase());

Since this is network related, you will need to run all of that in an AsyncTask class.

Following the java tutorials on should be relatively straightforward from here on out.

Solution 3

Dory mongoDB Server

Great new Android application
No Need to root your Phone and You Can Run your js File From anywere.

MongoDB (from humongous) is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas.

1: install Dory mongoDB Server
2: run your Server
3: install Dory node.js
4: run this code in your js file:


var mongoose = require('mongoose');
mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/test', { useMongoClient: true });
mongoose.Promise = global.Promise;

var Cat = mongoose.model('Cat', { name: String });

var kitty = new Cat({ name: 'Zildjian' }); (err) {
  if (err) {
  } else {


Solution 4

Unfortunately Mongo Java Driver 3.8.0 is not compatible with Android anymore: and they don't even claim Android support. Maybe following the unofficial fork or trying GnuSasl could help? mongodb 3.x driver Android compatibility

Solution 5

MongoDB is also available for android
The only problem is that it does not have well-structured documentation for android..

I recently managed to connect my android application to the remote database

here is a sample unit application

Its readme file contains all the steps to be followed in the back-end as well as in the android studio

Solution 6

Reactivating this Topic again after 2 years.

I was looking for an android app exactly like MongoDB Compass, but couldn't find "exactly" like it. So deciding to make one (and open source it)

Based on links given in @Astral1990's answer, I found this.

Now for a gist:

Gradle file: (more info here)

implementation 'org.mongodb:mongodb-driver-sync:4.2.3'

For creating the client: (more info here)

MongoClient mongoClient = MongoClients.create("mongodb://user1:[email protected]/?authSource=db1");

Then other things:

// get db
MongoDatabase database = mongoClient.getDatabase("test");
// get collection in db
MongoCollection<Document> coll = database.getCollection("myTestCollection");
// list collections (permission has to be present)
for (String name : database.listCollectionNames()) {

Queries and others

Solution 7

It isn't possible to install MongoDB in android devices because the MongoDB's latest releases doesn't support android device's CPU architecture.

But I read an article on and i gave it a try and it finally worked, i was able to use MongoDB on my android phone.

Here is the link: