> db.data.update({'name': 'zero'}, {'$set': {'value': 0}}) 
   > db.data.findOne({'name': 'zero})
    {'name': 'zero', 'value': 0.0}  

How do I get Mongo to insert an integer?

Thank you

Solution 1

db.data.update({'name': 'zero'}, {'$set': {'value': NumberInt(0)}})

You can also use NumberLong.

Solution 2

A slightly simpler syntax (in Robomongo at least) worked for me:

db.database.save({ Year : NumberInt(2015) });

Solution 3

If the value type is already double, then update the value with $set command can not change the value type double to int when using NumberInt() or NumberLong() function. So, to Change the value type, it must update the whole record.

var re = db.data.find({"name": "zero"})
db.data.update({"name": "zero"}, re)

Solution 4

Well, it's JavaScript, so what you have in 'value' is a Number, which can be an integer or a float. But there's not really a difference in JavaScript. From Learning JavaScript:

The Number Data Type

Number data types in JavaScript are floating-point numbers, but they may or may not have a fractional component. If they dont have a decimal point or fractional component, theyre treated as integersbase-10 whole numbers in a range of 253 to 253.