Following code gives me an exception in node js saying: "need to remove or update"

var args = {
    query: { _id: _id },
    update: { $set: data },
    new: true,
    remove: false

    .findAndModify(args, function (err, results) {
        if (err) {
            return callback(err);
        } else {
            callback(null, results);

Not able to figure out the issue as I have specified the update operation.

Solution 1

The syntax is different in the node driver than for the shell, which is the syntax you are using.

    { _id: _id },     // query
    [],               // represents a sort order if multiple matches
    { $set: data },   // update statement
    { new: true },    // options - new to return the modified document
    function(err,doc) {


There is a separate function for .findAndRemove()

Solution 2

As the documentation for the remove parameter of the findAndModify function states:

remove: <boolean>:
Must specify either the remove or the update field. Removes the document specified in the query field. Set this to true to remove the selected document . The default is false.

The default value is false so you don't have to provide it at all.

I believe the issue is that you are supplying both update and remove parameters. Try removing the remove parameter.