What are some GUIs to use with Mongo, and what features do they offer? I'm looking for facts here, not opinions on which interface is best.

Solution 1

Official List from MongoDB


Web Based

For PHP, I'd recommend Rock Mongo. Solid, lots of great features, easy setup.


If you don't want to install anything ... you can use MongoHQ's web interface (even if you your MongoDB isn't on MongoHQ.)


Mac OS X

While MongoHub had been a decent option for a while it's bugs make it virtually unusable at this point ...

There is a more up-to-date (and less buggy) fork of the MongoHub project available: https://github.com/fotonauts/MongoHub-Mac you can download a binary here.


By far, the best UI (for Windows) currently out there is MongoVUE.


WARNING/UPDATE: MongoVUE seems to be abandoned.

Looks great, lots of features, and if you are new it will really help you get going ...


Here's a Q&A with the author too if you are interested ...


Solution 2

On Mac there is MongoHub. On Windows you could try MongoVUE.

Also see Do any visual tools exist for MongoDB (for Windows)?

Screenshot of MongoHub:

Solution 3

Here's the official page of Admin UIs.

I have not really used any of them. But it looks like there is quite a bit of coverage there.

Solution 4


At the shop where I work we use the Prudence platform for some stuff, and also MongoDB, so we of course use MongoVision a lot. Browser based, tabbed collection views, pretty-printed document editor, and three themes OOB. Open source.

(source: threecrickets.com)



Being on a Mac, I wish MongoHub was as reliable as MongoVision. It probably will be soon though, since the project has been quite active on Github as of late.

(source: skitch.com)


Solution 5

try Mongo Explorer. you'll like it!

Solution 6

try mongoVue i'm using it and i think it's good enough