How to disable Instant Run in Android Studio 2.0 Preview. When I go to the settings I see it:

and I can not remove the tick from "Enable Instant Run..."

I use Android Studio 2.0 Preview 9, but this error was present in Android Studio 2.0 Preview 7 also.

Solution 1


In Android Studio Version 3.5 and Above

Now Instant Run is removed, It has "Apply Changes". See official blog for more about the change.

we removed Instant Run and re-architectured and implemented from the ground-up a more practical approach in Android Studio 3.5 called Apply Changes.Apply Changes uses platform-specific APIs from Android Oreo and higher to ensure reliable and consistent behavior; unlike Instant Run, Apply Changes does not modify your APK. To support the changes, we re-architected the entire deployment pipeline to improve deployment speed, and also tweaked the run and deployment toolbar buttons for a more streamlined experience.

Now, As per stable available version 3.0 of Android studio,

If you need to turn off Instant Run, go to

File Settings Build, Execution, Deployment Instant Run and uncheck Enable Instant Run.

Solution 2

Using Android Studio newest version and update Android Plugin to 'newest alpha version`, I can disable Instant Run:

Try to update Android Studio.

Solution 3

I had the same exact isuue with the latest Android Studio 2.3.2 and Instant Run.

here what I did : (I'll give you two ways to achive that one disable for specefic project, and second for whole android studio):

  1. if you want to disable instant-run ONLY for the project that is not compatible (i.e the one with SugarORM lib)

on root of your projct open gradle--> then change the value distributionUrl=https\://

and on your project build.gradle change the value

classpath ''

  1. If you want to disable instant-run for all project (Across Android Studio)

in older version of AS settings for instant run is

File -> Other Settings -> Default Settings ->Build,Execution,Deployment

However In most recent version of Android Studio i.e 2.3.2 , instant run settings is:

  • for Android Studio Installed on Apple devices -> Preferences... (see following image)
  • for Android Studio Installed on Linux or Windows -> in File-> Settings...

Edited: If for any reason the Instant-run settings is greyed out do this :

Help-> Find Action... 

and then type 'enable isntant run' and click (now you should be able to change the value in Preferences... or file->Settings... , if that was the case then this is an Android Studio bug :-)

Solution 4

Turn off Instant Run from Settings Build, Execution, Deployment Instant Run and uncheck Enable Instant Run.

Solution 5

the design in android 2.3 (stable version) is slightly changed.

File Settings Build, Execution, Deployment Instant Run and uncheck Enable Instant Run.

Solution 6

Update August 2019

In Android Studio 3.5 Instant Run was replaced with Apply Changes. And it works in different way: APK is not modified on the fly anymore but instead runtime instrumentation is used to redefine classes on the fly (more info). So since Android Studio 3.5 instant run settings are replaced with Deployment (Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Deployment):

Solution 7

I tried all above but nothing helps, at last i just figured out that under setting >> apps, device still has an entry for uninstalled application as disabled, i just uninstalled from there and it starts working.

:) might be useful for someone