I can't seem to get any error message from PDO:

try {
  $sth = $dbh->prepare('@$%T$!!!');
} catch (PDOException $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();

It is giving out only:

PDOStatement Object
    [queryString] => @$%T$!!!
    [0] => 00000
    [1] =>
    [2] =>

setAttribute doesn't help anything.

It's PHP 5.3.3 Apache 2.0 Handler
PDO Driver for MySQL enabled
Client API version mysqlnd 5.0.7-dev - 091210 - $Revision: 300533 $

What can I do to get error information?

Solution 1

setAttribute will cause PDO to throw up errors or exceptions - the latest when you execute the query.

For emulated prepared statements, there is no check in prepare():

Emulated prepared statements does not communicate with the database server so PDO::prepare() does not check the statement.

But there will be one in execute() when the query gets sent to the server.

However, the mySQL driver supports native prepared statements since mySQL 4.1 anyway, so this shouldn't apply. Using


must cause an exception for the query you use.

Solution 2

I too was trying to get the information from errorInfo() at the database handle level, but I ended up getting the information from the statement level with PDOStatement::errorInfo()

Per PHP web site:

PDO::errorInfo() only retrieves error information for operations performed directly on the database handle. If you create a PDOStatement object through PDO::prepare() or PDO::query() and invoke an error on the statement handle, PDO::errorInfo() will not reflect the error from the statement handle. You must call PDOStatement::errorInfo() to return the error information for an operation performed on a particular statement handle.

Solution 3

This will print error code as well its corresponding detailed message.

Advice: this is just a demonstration. Just use for debugging purpose. Don't enable to show error messages to the public in a release version.

connection=$this->get_connection();//here i brought my connection string
Do your works here..
//if you are using errorInfo use after prepare statement before execute.here in this method i am not using it.

catch(PDOException $e) {
              //this will echo error code with detail
              //example: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'nasme' in 'field list'
              echo $e->getMessage();

Solution 4

You need to first execute the query and then check for errors: So do it like this:


and then check for errors. Then you will get errors, if any.