I'm trying to replace video links inside a string - here's my code:

$doc = new DOMDocument();
foreach ($doc->getElementsByTagName("a") as $link) 
    $url = $link->getAttribute("href");
    if(strpos($url, ".flv"))
        echo $link->outerHTML();

Unfortunately, outerHTML doesn't work when I'm trying to get the html code for the full hyperlink like <a href='http://www.myurl.com/video.flv'></a>

Any ideas how to achieve this?

Solution 1

As of PHP 5.3.6 you can pass a node to saveHtml, e.g.


Previous versions of PHP did not implement that possibility. You'd have to use saveXml(), but that would create XML compliant markup. In the case of an <a> element, that shouldn't be an issue though.

See http://blog.gordon-oheim.biz/2011-03-17-The-DOM-Goodie-in-PHP-5.3.6/

Solution 2

You can find a couple of propositions in the users notes of the DOM section of the PHP Manual.

For example, here's one posted by xwisdom :

// code taken from the Raxan PDI framework
// returns the html content of an element
protected function nodeContent($n, $outer=false) {
    $d = new DOMDocument('1.0');
    $b = $d->importNode($n->cloneNode(true),true);
    $d->appendChild($b); $h = $d->saveHTML();
    // remove outter tags
    if (!$outer) $h = substr($h,strpos($h,'>')+1,-(strlen($n->nodeName)+4));
    return $h;

Solution 3

The best possible solution is to define your own function which will return you outerhtml:

function outerHTML($e) {
     $doc = new DOMDocument();
     $doc->appendChild($doc->importNode($e, true));
     return $doc->saveHTML();

than you can use in your code

echo outerHTML($link); 

Solution 4

Rename a file with href to links.html or links.html to say google.com/fly.html that has flv in it or change flv to wmv etc you want href from if there are other href it will pick them up as well

  $contents = file_get_contents("links.html");
  $domdoc = new DOMDocument();
  $xpath = new DOMXpath($domdoc);
  $query = '//@href';
  $nodeList = $xpath->query($query);
  foreach ($nodeList as $node){
    if(strpos($node->nodeValue, ".flv")){
      $linksList = $node->nodeValue;
      $htmlAnchor = new DOMElement("a", $linksList);
      $htmlURL = new DOMAttr("href", $linksList);
      echo ("<a href='". $node->nodeValue. "'>". $node->nodeValue. "</a><br />");