I am new to android studio IDE development. Every time when I imported a sample project that developed in the android studio, I am getting this error..

No cached version of available for offline mode. Disable Gradle 'offline mode' and sync project.

How can I solve this problem.

Solution 1

New location in Android Studio 3.6+

View > Tool Windows > Gradle from the menu bar.

Then, near the top of the Gradle window, click Toggle Offline Mode Gradle offline button in the Gradle panel.

Old answer

On Windows:-

Go to File -> Settings.

And open the 'Build,Execution,Deployment'. Then open the

Build Tools -> Gradle

Then uncheck -> Offline work on the right.

Click the OK button.

Then Rebuild the Project.

On Mac OS:-

go to Android Studio -> Preferences, and the rest is the same. OR follow steps given in the image


Solution 2

Gradle is in offline mode, which means that it won't go to the network to resolve dependencies.

Go to Preferences > Gradle and uncheck "Offline work".

Solution 3

Edit. As noted in the comments, this is no longer working with the latest Android Studio releases.

The latest Android studio seems to only reference to "Offline mode" via the keymap, but toggling this does not seem to change anything anymore.

In Android Studio open the settings and search for offline it will find the Gradle category which contains Offline work. You can disable it there.

Solution 4

@mikepenz has the right one.

You could just hit SHIFT+COMMAND+A (if you're using OSX and 1.4 android studio) and enter OFFLINE in the search box.

Then you'll see what mike have shown you.

Just deselect offline.

Solution 5

Offline mode could be set in Android Studio and in your project. To verify that gradle won't build your project in offline mode:

  1. Disable gradle offline mode in Android Studio gradle settings.
  2. Verify that your project's gradle.settings won't contain: startParameter.offline=true