Are there any lists of default CSS stylesheets for different browsers? (browser stylesheets in tabular form)

I want to know the default font of text areas across all browsers for future reference.

Solution 1

Not tabular, but the source CSS may be helpful if you're looking for something specific:

You're on your own with IE and Opera though.

Solution 2

I suspect this is something of a moving target for all the browsers, but there is a default style sheet for HTML 4 as defined by the W3C.

Solution 3

There probably is a list, this is why we use CSS Resets however.

Solution 4

CSS class have compiled a list of CSS2.1 User Agent Style Sheet Defaults. Some links at the bottom of that page as well.

Solution 5

You cannot possibly know all defaults for all configurations of all browsers into the future.

The way people get around this is to start their CSS by resetting everything to known values. Here's an example from one of the main CSS experts: http://meyerweb.com/eric/thoughts/2007/05/01/reset-reloaded/