I'm trying to deploy one of my java apps in GAE and I have used MongoDB. Unfortunately GAE doesn't allow me to create databases, however it suggests using Google Datastore. Are there any plugins or add-ons to use MongoDB.

Solution 1

You can't run MongoDB on GAE. You need to use the Google datastore.

Solution 2

Matt is right. If you want to deploy to Google's servers you can't use Mongo. If you are interesting in running your own server(s), check out AppScale.

Solution 3

If you really want to use MongoDB anyway, you'll have to find a third-party host that provides a REST interface through which you can make your transactions. I've personally tried and recommend MongoLab on App Engine. Then, in your code, use an HttpUrlConnection object to send/receive requests if you're doing it with Java.

Solution 4

I think you could deploy your app on app engine and create a separate vm instance in google compute engine that would have mongo installed, then you plug your GAE app on that vm for the db connection. This would allow you to keep all your app in the google cloud. See https://cloud.google.com/solutions/mongodb/ and http://docs.mongodb.org/ecosystem/platforms/google-compute-engine/

Solution 5

if you're still looking for an answer to this you might want to check this project that did exactly the same but in reverse, it will surely help you out with what you want to do.


Solution 6

you can use mongo, only if have something like on mongolab then use pymongo to connect and most important thing you need to enable socket api from gae dashboard. it worked for me thanks

Solution 7

A lot of things have changed since this question has been asked, as of June 2021, you can use MongoDB Atlas with Google App Engine Standard running on Java 8 environment. I built my App with the Ktor framework that runs on App Engine and interacts with databases on MongoDB Atlas.